Woman spits on ‘fascist’ NYPD officer before being arrested

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A woman was arrested after she was seen spitting on an NYPD officer and repeatedly screaming “F— you, fascist” during anti-Trump unrest.

“A young woman was arrested after she spat in an officer’s face after screaming, ‘F–- you, fascist,’ tonight in the West Village,” the New York Post’s Elizabeth Meryl Rosner tweeted Wednesday, accompanied by video of the incident.

Devina Singh,24, was arrested for the act after the police officer pushed her to the ground, prompting other protesters to express their outrage with the officer.

“You don’t attack a woman!” one person yelled.

Sixty people were arrested after a peaceful protest in Washington Square Park turned violent and spread to the West Village. People started fires in trash cans and were heard shouting “F–- your dinner” at people eating at restaurants and chanted, “Burn the precinct to the ground.”

The NYPD said that it would be on the lookout for agitators ahead of Wednesday’s arrests.

“We are going to be on the lookout for anarchists who are trying to hijack these peaceful marches,” NYPD Chief of Department Terrance Monahan said. “We have also asked the organizers to help us identify these outside people.”

“We have arrested more than 20 individuals who attempted to hijack a peaceful protest by lighting fires, throwing garbage and eggs in Manhattan,” the department said.

“We appreciate and value the importance of freedom of speech. Our top priority is and always will be safety.”

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Source : Woman spits on ‘fascist’ NYPD officer before being arrested