‘Unfortunately, Fox Has Become Fake News’

All Patriot NewsAugust 17, 20203min

President Donald Trump on Monday criticized Fox News as “fake news” during a campaign rally in Wisconsin.

“Look at all of that fake news, it’s unbelievable,” Trump said while ripping the media covering his rally. “Unfortunately Fox has become fake news too. I don’t know what happens. Do you agree?”

Supporters cheered the president’s speech on an airport tarmac in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Monday evening, which Fox News aired live. Fox aired the first 25 minutes of Trump’s speech in Wisconsin before cutting back to its regular programming on The Five.

Trump indicated that Fox News was becoming worse because they were perceived as being supportive of his administration.

“At least the other side – you know where they are coming from,” he said.

The president criticized Fox News after participating in a phone interview with Fox and Friends earlier Monday morning.

The president also spoke about fake news CNN, but when supporters booed, he defended the latest CNN poll showing an eleven point boost for his campaign in recent weeks.

“Frankly, the pollster is much better than Fox,” Trump said. “Fox has never gotten it right. I don’t know who he is, but he has not had a clue in about seven years.”

He ridiculed critics who suggested that his political comeback was a “margin of error” in the polls.

“Don’t believe it. We are way beyond the margin of error,” he said. “Don’t believe it.”

Author : Charlie Spiering

Source : ‘Unfortunately, Fox Has Become Fake News’