Trump meets state attorneys general as he looks to congressional Republicans to overturn election

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President Trump had lunch with 12 state attorneys general on Thursday amid a growing legal war over efforts to invalidate President-elect Joe Biden’s victories in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

It pits state against state and Republican against Republican as Trump makes one final effort to overturn election results in four battlegrounds states that handed the White House to Biden.

Six Republican attorneys asked the Supreme Court to allow them to join Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in nullifying millions of votes they claim were cast unlawfully.

They were among the guests in the White House Cabinet Room on Thursday for a private lunch, which an official said was timed to coincide with a long-scheduled meeting in Washington. He declined to reveal what they discussed other than to say they were expected to focus on “issues important to their citizens and the country, and ways to continue to advance the shared federal-state partnership.”

However, they met as a flurry of legal briefs were filed at the Supreme Court and as Trump spent time telephoning congressional allies to rally support.

A senior Republican official said the president and his allies were looking to find figures willing to challenge slates of electors on Jan. 6, when Congress is due to hold a joint session to count electoral votes.

“It’s the last option if the Supreme Court doesn’t take up the case … which it won’t,” he said.

Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama has let allies know that he will challenge the Electoral College votes but will need a senator to join him in the long-shot effort.

Meanwhile, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin called on the Supreme Court to reject the Texas lawsuit, which they called an attack on democracy and without legal standing.

“Nothing in the text, history, or structure of the Constitution supports Texas’s view that it can dictate the manner in which four sister States run their elections, and Texas suffered no harm because it dislikes the results in those elections,” said Pennsylvania in its filing.

States are split on the case. Twenty plus the District of Columbia filed a motion opposing Texas’s lawsuit, including three states led by Republican governors — Maryland, Massachusetts, and Vermont. Republican-led Ohio also filed its own objection

However, Trump and 17 other states support the effort to throw out the results. The president has frequently said he won the election and made claims of widespread voter fraud.

On Thursday, he said the Supreme Court had a chance to “save” the country from the “greatest election abuse” in American history.

“How can you give an election to someone who lost the election by hundreds of thousands of legal votes in each of the swing states,” he said in a tweet that was quickly flagged as “disputed” by Twitter. “How can a country be run by an illegitimate president?”

The Texas lawsuit, filed by Paxton, a Republican, on Tuesday, claims the four states made unlawful changes to voting procedures in allowing an increase in mail-in voting.

In a motion filed a day later, Trump asked the nine justices to allow him to join the suit as a plaintiff.

Legal experts predict the Supreme Court will reject the case. The effort has infuriated officials in the four states.

“You know who voted for you in Michigan, General Paxton? No one. Literally, no one,” Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, a Democrat, told MSNBC. “Stay in your lane, and stick to trying to disenfranchise voters in your own state. Don’t come to mine.”

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Source : Trump meets state attorneys general as he looks to congressional Republicans to overturn election