Trump-aligned Pennsylvania Republican says 2020 audit efforts have been ‘thwarted’

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A strong supporter of former President Donald Trump who has been trying to organize an Arizona-style forensic audit of the 2020 election in Pennsylvania said his efforts have been “thwarted” by members of his own party.

On Thursday, Republican state Sen. Doug Mastriano said Republican leaders in Pennsylvania were standing in the way of his efforts to initiate an audit in the state, blocking him from issuing subpoenas to election officials in Philadelphia, York, and Tioga counties, which all refused to comply with previous requests.

“The powers that be made sure that didn’t happen,” Mastriano said in a Facebook video that has since been deleted, adding, “I would say we’re not in a very good spot right now.”


Though the state senator did not detail how his audit efforts were derailed, he claimed in the video to be the victim of “betrayal” from leaders of a group that supported his efforts to conduct a statewide review, according to the Capital-Star.

“I’ve warned these ladies: Don’t let it get to your head,” he said. “Watch out for pride. Remember those who helped you get there, and it’s already forgotten. The star will burn out.”

In July, Mastriano sent letters related to the 2020 election to officials in three counties in Pennsylvania , demanding relevant materials for the purpose of conducting an audit. The state senator also visited Maricopa County in June to witness how the Arizona Senate performed its election audit.

Earlier this month, all three Tioga County commissioners, including its two Republicans, wrote in a statement , “It is time for Sen. Mastriano to withdraw his demands and to let responsible Republicans get back to work.”

Mastriano also said in the video that his attempts to demand election materials from state officials “burned a lot of bridges,” reiterating that “I put my name out there to get it done, and I’ve been stopped for the time being.”

President Joe Biden won Pennsylvania by more than 80,000 votes in 2020. Both state and national officials, including some with Trump’s Justice Department, said they uncovered no evidence of widespread fraud, as the former president alleged after his loss.


In Arizona, where audit efforts have been ongoing since April, despite assurances about the election’s security from officials, the Senate president, who commissioned the election review, said this week that a draft report of the audit’s findings is currently being prepared to be presented to the Senate team for review at a later date.

Efforts to audit election results or reexamine election methods have been underway in several other counties across the nation, including a report submitted to officials over the Windham , New Hampshire, election review that verified the accuracy of the recount, as well as a current investigation of procedures in Fulton County, Georgia.

Author : Kaelan Deese

Source : Trump-aligned Pennsylvania Republican says 2020 audit efforts have been ‘thwarted’