The Haunting of Bly Manor: Every Hidden Ghosts

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How many ghosts are there? 11 (with a bonus ghost guide!)

No. 1 Mr. Glasses in the Car: The first glimpse we get of this very persistent ghost happens about six minutes into the first episode. While Dani is standing on the street, a car rushes by. In the window she can see the face of a dark man in glowing glasses. Creepy.

No. 2 Mr. Glasses Remixed: The glasses man is back! Only this time he briefly appears in a mirror 15 minutes into the episode. Since Mr. Glasses appears a lot we’re only going to be counting his blink-and-you’ll-miss-them appearances.

No. 3 The Worst Kind of Top Hat: About 21 minutes into the episode Flora takes Dani on a tour of the house. And what would you guess is in the righthand corner of the staircase? That’s right! A top hat-wearing ghoul.

No. 4 The Bathroom Creeper: After giving Flora a bath Dani is spooked by Mr. Glasses in the mirror. But really she should have been looking out for the cloaked creep lurking behind the bathroom door around minute 27.

No. 5 The Mirror from Hell: Right before bed Dani decides to clean up Flora’s room a bit, which includes picking up a creepy doll underneath the dresser. That’s a bad idea. While Dani is holding the Lady in the Lake’s doll at minute 29 something otherworldly can be seen in the mirror behind her.

No. 6 The Pointy Spy: Yeah, so Flora’s room is super haunted. While Dani is tucking her into bed something tall, dark, and pointy can be spotted behind her shoulder at the 29:30 mark.

No. 7 The Plague Doctor: This is another recurring ghost, but he gets his big debut 32 minutes in. Dani goes downstairs to make herself some terrible tea. Little does she know that she’s being watched by something with a hooked mask.

No. 8 The Night Watcher: Once again Flora is getting tucked in, and once again things are going south. While Dani gives her a doll at the 45 minute mark, a dark figure can be seen watching them from the doorway.

No. 9 Mirror from Hell Redux: Yep, Dani plays with the creepy doll under the dresser twice. Just like the first time something weird can be seen in the mirror around 46 minutes.

No. 10 The Bathroom Creeper Redux: He’s back too! When Miles goes to check on Flora and Dani the cloaked creeper can be seen in the bathroom around 47 minutes. If anyone is counting, that’s a ghost a minute.

No. 11 Plague Doc Out for a Stroll: After Dani finally escapes being locked in a closet by her wards, she shakily explores the rest of the house and sees a bunch of muddy footprints. That’s scary, but you know what’s scarier? The plague doctor ghost that can be seen in the background of minute 50.

Bonus: Know Your Ghosts! There’s a reason why Flora’s dollhouse is so unnerving. Around 28 minutes in it gives you a guide to all of the ghosts in Bly Manor. In order we have:

  • The cloaked man in the bathroom
  • A nun-looking women in Flora’s bedroom
  • A babydoll by the staircase
  • A guy with a big beard in the dining room
  • A woman in the attic
  • A soldier by the staircase
  • The young man (Peter Quint) in Miles’ room
  • A pumpkin head-looking person in the living room
  • The Lady in the Lake who lives under Flora’s dresser

So that’s fun.

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