Rudy Giuliani calls Pennsylvania case a success, says ‘a lot’ of voter fraud evidence yet to be seen

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Rudy Giuliani said there are two ways the Trump legal team is getting around “major censorship” of their widespread voter fraud allegations.

He told Newsmax on Friday that the Trump camp is equally focused on presenting evidence to state legislatures as they are on court hearings, but they are facing an uphill battle because of judges who won’t hear their cases and media that won’t air their presentations.

“We’ve got a lot of evidence. We don’t have a lot of time,” Giuliani said, adding later, “The public has only a small idea of the kind of evidence that we have.”

The Trump legal team, which is led by Giuliani, and their allies have endured dozens of loses, and are now turning to presentations of witnesses to state legislatures in places such as Arizona and Michigan. They had one such event in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, last week, and on Dec. 3, the Trump team says a judge in Nevada is allowing Republicans to present their findings at a hearing.

As it stands now, President-elect Joe Biden has 306 Electoral College votes, and President Trump has 232. More than one state would have to flip for Trump to emerge victorious.

Time is running out as states are certifying their votes ahead of an Electoral College meeting in mid-December.

A federal appeals court in Philadelphia on Friday rejected Trump’s latest bid to challenge the 2020 election results. No matter, Giuliani insisted, because they got their presentation before GOP lawmakers, “so in essence we accomplished the purpose of that case.” He added that the Supreme Court “can now take a look at it.”

The former New York City mayor also remarked on how media outlets gave coverage to Trump calling into the Pennsylvania presentation, but claimed if there were witnesses against Trump, “every single one of those witnesses would be on for days like they did during the phony impeachment hearings.”

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Source : Rudy Giuliani calls Pennsylvania case a success, says ‘a lot’ of voter fraud evidence yet to be seen