Laura Ingraham says Chinese officials applaud Biden’s victory as a victory for the Communist Party

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham said that Chinese officials are elated over Joe Biden’s presidential victory because they see it as a win for the Chinese Communist Party.

“Every Chinese official knows that Biden’s victory was a huge victory for the CCP and that our new leaders will worry more about offending President Xi than standing up for American workers,” Ingraham said on her Fox show Tuesday.

“Unfortunately, most of the elites in this country are on China’s side,” she added.

Ingraham pointed out that the Bush administration claimed to support freedom but was often silent on China, while the Obama administration “did nothing to stop the rise of the CCP.”

“And now, Biden, he intends to follow that same path. And actually, Biden’s advisers have a proven track record of advancing the CCP’s interests. Biden adviser Steve Ricchetti was a key player in establishing permanent normal trade relations with China back in 2000. Jake Sullivan has called for more cooperation with Beijing and even appeared on Chinese state TV in 2017 to bash Trump.”

She added that the United States’s elite universities, such as Harvard, receive enormous sums of money in the form of gifts and contracts from the Chinese government.

“The Chinese aren’t just pumping money into these elite institutions, but colleges across the board. USC and UPenn, home of the Biden center, have been showered with millions in Chinese gifts. Now, universities and researchers that used to be accountable to Americans are instead hooked on Chinese cash and allowed to bring in roughly 370,000 Chinese students every year,” she added.

Ingraham said that the relationships between colleges and communist China are a “handy way of getting spies into the country” and pointed to Rep. Eric Swalwell’s ties to a Chinese spy as evidence.

“Even now, all Americans who care about liberty, including Republicans in Congress, should be warning about the dangers from the CCP,” she said.

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