Georgia Republicans need to vote to stop ‘a single party’ controlling Washington

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ATLANTA — Former Trump White House counselor Kellyanne Conway is in Georgia to urge Republicans to vote in Tuesday’s Senate runoffs, thwarting a Democratic sweep in the nation’s political capital.

“It’s very dangerous to have Washington be controlled by a single party, especially when that party does things like mock the opening prayer of the new Congress last night, tries to foist a radical agenda on the rest of us,” Conway told reporters Monday during a limited press availability.

Conway, who quit President Trump’s administration last summer after tensions with her teenage daughter escalated publicly, warned that “things don’t get better when people get power and get to Washington.”

“If they tell you that they’re radical, if they admit that they want to defund the police, if they refer to law enforcement and police as thugs and gangsters, take them at their word. That’s what they believe. And they will let the money follow that as well,” she said.

Conway, who became the first female campaign manager of a successful White House bid in 2016 with Trump’s victory, added the Democratic Party had become “unrecognizable” to her as someone who was raised by a New Jersey Democratic family.

“The Democratic Party itself rejected the most radical candidates in the presidential race this year and went with a swampy guy who has been there for 47 years,” she said. “So why in the world, Georgia, would you want to do what even the Democratic Party nationwide refused to do?”

Conway’s trip to Georgia in support of Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler coincides with Trump’s visit to the state Monday evening. President-elect Joe Biden, too, travels to Georgia later Monday to stump for their Democratic opponents, filmmaker Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock, respectively.

The Jan. 5 races, which are essentially tied, will determine the Senate majority for the next two years. But the contests have been overshadowed on Election Day eve by a leaked telephone conversation between Trump and Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

In the recording, Trump can be heard asking Raffensperger and other officials to “find” votes that will help him overturn Georgia’s decision to award its 16 electoral votes to Biden. The president has filed a state and federal lawsuit against Raffensperger for taping him without his consent.

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