Funky odor leaves new $3.75M Brooklyn townhouse ‘uninhabitable’

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They sure don’t build ‘em like they used to.

Entrepreneur Michael “Matt” Maroone moved his family into a brand new $3.75 million townhouse in Williamsburg in 2018, only to discover that his dream home was a proverbial “pig in a poke” that smells to high heaven because of shoddy bathroom ventilation, court papers allege.

The family discovered major plumbing problems at the 131 S. 1st St. home, including “substantial” rain and shower leaks that required walls to be torn down, according to a lawsuit filed Friday in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Worst of all was an “awful odor” that turned out to be bathroom exhaust piping that is venting behind the walls and ceilings instead of to the outdoors, the court papers say.

“The odor condition is so severe that plaintiff’s home is uninhabitable,” the suit claims. “Plaintiff plans to vacate the home and has needed to seek short and long term rental living options.”

The home also allegedly has a slew of other issues including an “improperly designed” water-drainage system on the exterior and poorly installed exterior siding.

It also lacks proper sound-insulation, making the home very noisy and it has a poorly working air conditioning and HVAC system which makes the house hard to keep cool, the court papers claim.

Maroone — who has a 1-year-old son — told The Post, “we bought a townhouse, had a ton of issues with it, and are basically trying to get to the source of what’s going on.”

“What’s in the lawsuit is the tip of the iceberg with the odor issue,” Maroone said.

“Defendants caused Plaintiff to buy the proverbial ‘pig in a poke,’ ” the suit charges. “Plaintiff ended up with a family home that is rife with construction defects — defects concealed at the time — and a home that Plaintiff never would have purchased had it known the truth about the construction.”

And the home, “will be a future black hole of remediation expenses,” the suit alleges.

Maroone — who is suing under his company BK131, LLC — is seeking unspecified damages against developer Noah Yosha as well as from the builder and the real estate developer of the property.

Yosha did not return a message left with his wife.

Author : Reuven Fenton, Aaron Feis, Priscilla DeGregory

Source : Funky odor leaves new $3.75M Brooklyn townhouse ‘uninhabitable’