All Patriot NewsApril 11, 202111min38
A top aide of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer took a spring break trip to Florida with family. Only days earlier, the Democratic governor of Michigan warned her constituents about travel because of concerns of spreading COVID-19. Tricia Foster, Whitmer’s chief operating officer, posted photos on Facebook of her family vacationing in Siesta Key, a popular […]


All Patriot NewsApril 10, 20214min42
Friday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson offered advice to CNN head Jeff Zucker on the heels of criticism from former network anchor Brooke Baldwin that the “most influential anchors” and highest-paid on CNN were men. Carlson suggested Zucker “transition.” “Well, that’s a lot of dudes,” he said of CNN’s prime time lineup, as pointed out […]


All Patriot NewsApril 10, 20215min40
According to certain commentators on CNN, President Joe Biden’s policies are actually “popular” among Republican voters. During a segment Wednesday night, Don Lemon hosted a panel wherein they discussed Biden’s current initiatives on gun control and infrastructure, suggesting that his focus on getting things done will prove popular with Republicans. “The president is really tuning […]


All Patriot NewsApril 9, 20213min56
Fox News contributor Karl Rove warned Democrats against expanding the Supreme Court, saying it may not work in their favor in 2022 while calling out the partisan co-chair of the president’s commission to explore reforms for the high court on “Your World.” KARL ROVE: I’ve seen a partial list, and there were only two Republicans on the list that […]


All Patriot NewsApril 9, 202115min28
This month marks the anniversary of San Francisco implementing the first face mask mandate in the United States. Since then, nearly all states have implemented mask mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic. By October, 93% of Americans said they sometimes, often, or always wear a mask or face covering when they leave their home and are […]