Bill Belichick isn’t paying attention to Tom Brady

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As you would expect, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick is not fixated on what Tom Brady is doing like someone following their ex on Facebook.

Belichick said during his weekly radio appearance Monday that he hasn’t seen any of Brady’s first two appearances for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers following 20 years together in Foxborough.

“I’ve really been focused on the teams that we’re playing, Lou,” Belichick, whose mother died last week, told former Red Sox infielder Lou Merloni on the “Ordway, Merloni & Fauria Show” on WEEI in Boston. “Miami was obviously a big focus for us (in Week 1). . . There were some other things that came up for me last week.

“And now the Raiders (are this week’s opponent), they’re a team we haven’t played. Seattle’s a team we haven’t played. So we’ve kind of got our hands full with taking care of the things that we’ve got to take care of. I don’t watch a lot of other pro games. I don’t really watch a lot of college games. I’ll watch the games that affect what we do.”

Barring a dream Super Bowl matchup, the Patriots and Bucs aren’t slated to play each other this season. There are a few common opponents on the schedule, however, so Belichick will watch tape of Brady’s game this weekend against the Denver Broncos, who will face New England on Oct. 11.

Both New England and Tampa Bay are off to 1-1 starts since the Brady-Belichick split. Former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was signed to replace Brady, the three-time NFL MVP and six-time Super Bowl champion.

Author : Peter Botte

Source : Bill Belichick isn’t paying attention to Tom Brady