Arizona GOP chairwoman facing demands for audit says results are ‘final’

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Kelli Ward did not address calls for an audit of her own reelection as Arizona Republican Party chairwoman in her Thursday update video.

The two-time failed U.S. Senate candidate who boosted former President Donald Trump’s election fraud claims said the “final results” came in from the state party’s annual meeting over the weekend from “our independent election administrator.”

“Because no one challenged the election on the day of the election,” Ward said, noting “there were no complaints, and actually there was a lot of unity that was claimed there at that meeting,” she insisted: “these are the final, final results of that election.”

Ward said nothing of the demands for an audit of the contest by Sergio Arellano, the Arizona businessman who came in second place to Ward by 42 votes, and others that made headlines late Wednesday. Arellano noted that he didn’t expect a different result in his race, but nevertheless called for “election integrity” after concerns were raised regarding some confusion surrounding the winner of at least one other GOP contest, involving an at-large committee member position.

“If you are a state committeeman in Arizona, be looking for those in your mailbox,” Ward said of the results.

Paul Gosar, a Republican U.S. congressman from Arizona, criticized Arellano over the push for an audit.

“Sergio conceded publicly. He then tells AZ Rep he doesn’t think a recount will change outcome. So what is the point? He might have a future in AZ politics but this waffling demonstrates weakness not strength. Chair @kelliwardaz and @AZGOP have moved on,” Gosar tweeted Thursday.

Ward ended her video by casting aspersions on the 2020 election audit approved by Maricopa County on Wednesday. “I think we’re going to get pretty crappy results from whatever they do,” she said, adding that the Republican-led Arizona Senate is conducting its own investigation.

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Source : Arizona GOP chairwoman facing demands for audit says results are ‘final’